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Tree Removal Studies and Questions

My name is Mrs Elise Orican and I have prepared this website for the purposes of putting forward my view and educational resources across a broad range of educational areas.

One of my favourite areas of Education to teach and lecture on is that of Environmental Studies. As a member of the Greens’ party, ensuring my students are proactive environmental global citizens is a cornerstone of my educational foundation in my classes. I want students to fully engage in the process of saving the environment as much as I do.

Recently, on a tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens Arborist program which is sponsored by Total Tree Care and endorsed by the University of Melbourne School School of Agriculture took the students on a journey through the natural wonders of our local eco-system located conveniently just out of the CBD.  I was particularly impressed with the depth of knowledge each of the arborists held and in response to one student’s rather right wing question about Tree Removal I was pleased that the arborist mentioned that this is only conducted in occasional circumstances.

As a teacher it is great to know that the closer we edge to environmentalism, the closer we also edge to social progress and justice.